Meet the Maxilla City Directors


Bashir Hassan

Born and raised in Ladbroke Grove; Bashir is a Biomedical Science student, researcher and an aspiring poet. Belonging to a generation of young people vying for a stake in making decisions locally, he seeks to amplify their voices. Bashir spent a year with KCSC as their Projects & Events intern building rapport within the voluntary community sector. Bashir has also been a regular mentor and tutor for many of the youth in the area.

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Tayshan Hayden-Smith

Tayshan Hayden-Smith, born & raised in North Kensington, brought love & life to his community surrounding Grenfell Tower, initiating the ‘Grenfell Garden of Peace’ among several other pivotal green spaces in the local area, adopting the name The Grenfell Guerrilla Gardener at the time.


At the age of 23, he is now the Founding Director of Grow2Know CiC - hoping to inspire the next generation of gardeners regardless of their background. Tayshan is also known for his passion for football and has dipped in and out of professional football in his career. He currently plays semi-professional football at a respectable level whilst also featuring for YouTube football team Rising Ballers. Tayshan also sits as a member of the panel & steering group of the Grenfell Young People’s fund, empowering and giving ownership to the next generation of the North Kensington community.


Tayshan is hopeful for the future and as a young father of two, is keen to plant the seeds of change in his community to empower, inspire & educate whilst creating a legacy based on sustainability, positivity & equality.


Moyra Samuels

Moyra Samuels has been a resident in North Kensington for over 30 years. She is a teacher who has taught at a local primary school and at Morley College, which was known as Kensington and Chelsea College at the time. She has also taught at the MaxillaCity site when it was a training centre.
She has 2 grown up children who went to school locally and two grandchildren for whom she wants to see "a legacy of hope and achievement for the next generation and all generations of our community especially after the turmoil of both the Grenfell Tower fire and Covid 19”.

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Cihan Cheron

Cihan is a passionate community worker. As a mother, teacher and human rights advocate, Cihan is motivated to promote an inclusive and empowered community, with opportunities for youth to thrive. 
Cihan strongly believes that Maxilla City is great way to do so.